Hotline Miami 2's scoring screen features an ocean view of a horizon of palm trees emitting from the moon.


Scoring occurs after most levels are cleared and exited in Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. A report of the player's performance on the completed level is displayed against a colorful background featuring the sun and ocean.

Hotline Miami Edit

Points Screen Edit

  • Killings
  • Boldness
  • Combos
  • Time Bonus
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Denominator Score (Grade C Score)

Skyline Screen Edit

Information Edit

  • Level: "Name"
  • Time (In seconds)
  • High Score
  • Score

Actions Edit

  • Exposure: Seen by an enemy.
  • Double Exposure: Seen by two enemies.
  • Triple Exposure: Seen by three enemies.
  • Severe Exposure: Seen by 4+ enemies.
  • Door Slam: Enemy knocked down with door.
  • Execution: Kill on a down enemy in the "slump" or "starfish" positions.
  • Mercy Kill: Neck snap a crawling, mortally wounded enemy.
  • Nx Combo: Kill N enemies quickly. Combo timer reset by knockdowns and lengthened by kills and Zack.
  • Sharp Shooter: Kill offscreen enemy with gun.
  • Sneaky Shot: Kill enemy through yellow walls with gun.
  • Dangerous Pick Up: Weapon pick up during a Severe Exposure
  • Projectile Kill: Kill with a lethally throwable weapon.
  • Double Hit: Kill two enemies with one weapon throw.
  • Triple Hit: Kill three enemies with one weapon throw.
  • Multi-Hit: Kill 4+ enemies with one weapon throw.
  • Big Balls: Kill a firearm-wielding enemy with a throwable weapon.

Playstyles (based on Actions) Edit

  • Generic: Few actions.
  • Combo Trainee: Small combos.
  • Combo Specialist: Medium combos.
  • Combo Master: Large combos.
  • Combo Breaker: Large amount of small combos.
  • Executioner: Many kills of knocked down enemies.
  • Pitcher: High amount of throwing weapon kills.
  • Sadist: High amount of executions.
  • Invisible Man: Low amount of exposures.
  • Door Man: High amount of door slams.
  • Exposure Artist: High amount of exposures.
  • Exhibitionist: High amount of exposures.
  • Marksman: High amount of sharp shooters.
  • Coward: High amount of sneaky shots.
  • Chiropractor: High amount of mercy kills.

Grades Edit

  • A-, A, A+
  • B-, B, B+
  • C-, C, C+
  • D-, D, D+
  • F

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Edit

Sunset Screen Edit

  • Kills 1000 points for executions, 800 points for melee, 600 points for ranged (400 for flamethrower and Jake's lethal throws)
  • Combo
  • Flexibility Constantly changing weapons helps with score
  • Mobility Keep moving at all times for a high score
  • Boldness Being seen by enemies, punching enemies, (Ranged weapons have a negative impact)
  • Time Bonus
  • Special (character-specific)
  • Level Score / Grade C Score
  • Grade (same as Hotline Miami's, with a new "S grade" above A+ that's roughly 2.6x the Grade C Score)
  • Total Time (from hours to milliseconds)

Grades Edit

  • S
  • A-, A, A+
  • B-, B, B+
  • C-, C, C+
  • D-, D, D+
  • F, F+