The Shard Blade[1] is a weapon found exclusively in Release, used by rioting inmates. Its function is very similar to that of the Butterfly Knife weapon: it is very quick and efficient at taking out enemies in close quarter combat. Its execution animation also mirrors the knife's one. However, it cannot kill enemies if thrown.

The shard blade is fragile and will break after it is thrown away, regardless of where it lands. It will also break if a door passes over it.

Statistics Edit

The Shard Blade is very similar to the knife, it has a short range but fast swing speed, the only differences between the shard blade and the knife, is that the shard blade can not kill enemies when thrown and the shard blade will break if is throw away or otherwise discarded.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shard Blade is a shiv, also known as a shank, which is an improvised bladed weapon that is often made out of every day objects. Shivs are often made in prisons. This Shard Blade in particular is made from a shard of glass.
  • The Shard Blade is the only weapon in the Hotline Miami series that will break if thrown or discarded in any way.

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