The Silenced Heavy Pistol is a firearm appearing in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. The Henchman starts a level with one and it can also be wielded by Mobsters and Colombians. Enemies wielding the silenced heavy pistol appear consistently on Corey's floor in Death Wish, in the central room with many desks, and the second floor of Demolition.

The Silenced Heavy Pistol is the more powerful Hotline Miami 2 counterpart to the Silenced Pistol from the first game. It appears to be a silenced version of the Pistol from Showdown, and the more common 9mm wielded by gang members and police.

Statistics Edit

The Silenced Heavy Pistol has a magazine size of 12, it is semi automatic and is fairly inaccurate, it has a silencer which muffles the gunshot sound so it doesn't alert enemies when shot, this can be useful for killing enemies from a distance without alerting other enemies, it can also be effective against Thugs if the player shoots them and runs out of their line of sight fast enough, they will not pursue and will bleed to death, this can be a very useful way of dealing with them under certain contexts.

Unlike the Silenced Pistol, it can consistently one-shot kill enemies, but has a smaller magazine capacity of 12 instead of 13.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon uses the same sound as the Silenced Pistol from the Cocaine Cowboy Prototype.
    • The sound is perhaps best known as the silenced gunshot from the Counter-Strike series.
  • The Silenced Heavy Pistol may be based on a M1911A1 Pistol, with an extended magazine (on Normal difficulty) or regular magazine (on Hard Mode).
    • Since the weapon has 7 Rounds on Hard difficulty, it's thought to be based on the M1911, due to its native ammunition count. The M1911 was also one of the three most common pistols in Miami in the early 1990's, behind the weaker 9mm Beretta 92FS and Glock 17.
    • The M1911A1 can be also seen in the VHS cover for No Mercy, this can be told by it's exposed hammer, grey metal finish and large back iron sight.

Gallery Edit

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