The Skorpion is an unlockable firearm in Hotline Miami.


The Skorpion is a Sub-Machine Gun class weapon that has a magazine size of 20 and a high rate of fire (of 2 in the Game files, the Uzi has 1). The Skorpion can only be found in Weapon Spawns.

In Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the Skorpion can only be found (Unusable) on Arcade Machines, and in a Trophy Cabinet. The Skorpion was most likely replaced with the FAMAE SMG weapon.

A Bug in "No Mercy" where the player can rarely get a 9mm with a 20 round magazine and faster rate of fire (slower than the Uzi) suggests that the Skorpion was planned at one point, but the devs didn't create any sprites for it (The bugged "Skorpion Pistol" uses the 9mm sprites and sounds as placeholders) and replaced it with the FAMAE.


  • Although the Skorpion is based on the Czech Skorpion Machine Pistol, it seems to be a CZ75 mocked up to look like a Skorpion.
  • Despite Common Belief, the Skorpion has a slower Rate of fire than the Uzi.

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