The following is a list of notable Speedruns of Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Neither has been officially accepted in Speed Demos Archive (Not a world record site). However, these are the people with speedrun world records in this game.

Hotline MiamiEdit

Any% Runs Edit

  • 25.5.2013, Shyzuto self-proclaimed Hotline Miami Any% Richard Speedrun World Record, which has a time of 30:45.5.
  • 13.6.2013, Shyzuto self-proclaimed Hotline Miami Any% Speedrun World Record, which has a time of 24:57.74. This run involves skipping game content. After completing any map, the player quit to game menu and started playing next map, which saves time.
  • 24.5.2013, Duke Bilgewater self-proclaimed Hotline Miami Any% Speedrun World Record, which has a time of 26:50. This doesn't involve any skipping, and is possibly the fastest recorded continuous run at this time.
  • 1.27.2014, cutefluffybunny self-proclaimed Hotline Miami any% speedrun world record, which is a time of 24:57 which is the fastest recorded speedrun. With skips.
  • 3.3.2015, DingoDrole finished the game in 20:07, wich is the fastest recorded time at this time.

Individual Level Runs Edit

  • YouTube user Xynth0 has several self-proclaimed single-segmented IL world records.
  • YouTube user SFtheWolf has a few self-proclaimed multi-segmented IL world records.

NG Runs Edit

NG+ Runs Edit

NG+ All Levels Edit

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong NumberEdit

Any% NG+ Runs Edit

Any# NG Runs Edit

Hard Mode Edit

  • Note: Full runs of Hard Mode are extremely rare. Segmented individual level times are on the Hard Mode page.

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