Stronghold is the 14th chapter of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, and the second in Beard's storyline, taking place on October 25, 1985.

Scene Edit

Intro Edit

The Colonel's Unit is relaxing on a beach, talking about their future far from the war: Barnes wants to work again as a bartender, Daniels will go back to his school teacher job and Beard expresses the desire to open a convenience store or a bar or "anything where I don't have to carry a gun and shoot people."

Beard goes to see the Colonel, who is staying inside abnormally long. He is drinking heavily, the future 50 Blessings symbol in a turtle corpse in his shack with a torn up document burning on it. He tells Beard about his future promotion to Lt General. He sighs that America won't win the war, and assures Beard that they'll be going home after this next "piece of shit mission:" storming a stronghold that has been fruitlessly sieged for weeks by local forces.

Mission Edit

Beard and his squad attack a soviet-held resort hotel, used as a military base. There are 3 main stages.

Outro Edit

When the unit has cleared the resort, they are joined by a "VIP," a military Commander who congratulates them on succeeding where his men failed. Then they settle camp in the newly conquered hotel and wait for the Colonel to arrive.

Music Edit

  • "Rust" by El Huervo plays during the intro at the camp.
  • "Hotline Miami Theme" by Benny Smiles plays during the main level.
  • "She Meditates" by Light Club plays over the outro


  • The intro is extremely similar to the outro to Apocalypse with Richter.
  • This is, chronologically, the first instance in the series of clearing Russians out of affluent locations, rather than small military outposts. This may be why the "Hotline Miami Theme" plays over it.
  • The Sprite for the level selection is a reference to the 1980 horror movie "Motel Hell," as the level takes place in a resort. "Piggsy" from Manhunt, one of Dennis Wedin's favorite game's, is also based on this.
  • Many of the toppled plant sprites appear to be reused from Hotline Miami's animal room, possibly giving that room an origin.
  • Homicide is set exactly six years after this level. Casualties similarly takes place the day before Halloween.
  • This level alludes to the Fans' failing it for weeks, It's notably placed almost immediately after Death Wish.
    • The song "She Meditates" by Light Club is reserved for the Fans' (and Jake's) outros. This is the only instance of it playing over a Hawaii level. This may be an attempt to characterize Beard's Unit as the "new" Fans of the game.
    • Beard's line about not needing D Company to fight Russians but that "there's always safety in numbers" is possibly meant to be an innuendo.
    • The swimming pool of body bags is similar to the underground body disposal Fans' level Into the Pit, and it's possible that level is supposed to evoke memories of their failed siege on the resort

Bugs Edit

  • Returning to the previous area immediately after clearing the final area, but before the cutscene where Beard uses his walkie-talkie begins, may cause the game to crash.