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Super Carnage was a 2D top-down action game developed by Jonatan Soderstrom between 2004 and 2005. It is the spiritual predecessor to Hotline Miami.


Super Carnage was created in Game Maker 5, and was released on a forum in 2006, along with a download. However, said link no longer is available.


The premise of Super Carnage was simple: a man wakes up nude in a bathroom one day, and finds himself in a hostile environment swarming with enemies. Using a number of assorted weapons scattered throughout the level, the only goal was to dispatch all the enemies while avoiding being killed himself.

Super Carnage had several weapons:

  • Submachine gun (Uzi)
  • Silenced machine gun
  • Minigun
  • Rocket launcher (RPG-7)
  • Plank
  • Crowbar
  • Baseball bat
  • Pipe
  • Flamethrower
  • Automatic shotgun
  • Grenades
  • Molotov cocktails


Below is the gameplay of Super Carnage, played during an interview with Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin of Dennaton Games.

Hotline Miami Prototype (Super Carnage)11:25

Hotline Miami Prototype (Super Carnage)

Trivia Edit

  • Super Carnage was inspired by Mark Millar's Kick-Ass, along with the top-down action games of Japanese developer Ikiki.
  • Only one map was made for Super Carnage, a map that would eventually become Full House in Hotline Miami.
  • Super Carnage had no melee enemies, and the AI's pathfinding was irregular (which forced Cactus to stop working on the game).
  • As a prelude to the mask system of Hotline Miami, Super Carnage instead had unlockable clothes; for example, body armour, which would provide more protection against bullets; while being completely naked would result in a higher score.

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