The Taser is a melee weapon that appears in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, it only appears on the levels Final Cut and Caught. The Taser is used by Inspectors and can be picked up after killing them.

The Taser can not be picked up in the first Hotline Miami.

Statistics Edit

The Taser has a slow attack animation, however it will electrocute enemies that come in contact with the taser during the animation, allowing the player to easily deal with multiple enemies with a single attack as long as the animation is still playing. The Taser can only be obtained on the levels Final Cut and Caught and is dropped by Inspectors.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the fact the Inspectors use Tasers in Hotline Miami, they will not drop it upon death, making the Taser unusable in Hotline Miami.
  • The Taser has a unique animation where it electrocutes enemies.
  • The Taser is the only weapon in the game that can non-lethaly disable enemies, however they never get up so it has the same effect as a lethal weapon.
  • The A BOX FULL OF SHARP OBJECTS Achievement only counts "Kills" with the Taser in Final Cut toward its progress.
  • The Taser was supposed to appear in Hotline Miami but was cut, however it made a return in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.
  • Jacket has sprites, which show him using the Taser, hinting like the 9mm, it was removed, most likely due to either: Creative Reasons, lack of development time, lack of resources, or due to it's small appearance time (Assault).
  • Despite being a non lethal weapon, the Taser will kill people if used on an enemy that is knocked down against a wall, this is because the Taser does not have a unique death animation when used on enemies against the wall, so it instead uses the Knife's death animation instead, this however has since been corrected, the taser now has its own animation for enemies against the wall.
  • Due to the fact the Taser only appears on two levels, it is one of the rarest weapons in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Gallery Edit

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