The Technician, or Charlie, is a minor character in Hotline Miami. He was hired by the Janitors to set up the phonelines in Phone Hom linking to the Russian club managed by The Club Owner.

Background Edit

He was scared by the political agenda of 50 Blessings, so he went into hiding inside a small Chinese restaurant called the Blue Dragon used as a safehouse. It's probable that he hired some Russian mobsters to protect him. The Charlie Mask is in his safehouse, possibly indicating it was assigned him by the Janitors. He was isolated and paranoid, until Biker came looking for him following a hint by Aubrey, and questioned him about the phone calls.

Trivia Edit

  • The files refer to him as 'Sushi Guy,' despite the restaurant being Chinese. Other 'Sushi' labeled assets include an unused sushi table with a woman in her underwear passed out on it.
  • His name is a possible reference to Charlie Chan, a joke that he's a white guy hiding out as the owner of a Chinese restaurant.
  • The Technician's dialogue sprite was recycled and heavily edited and re-coloured as the base sprite for Evan Wright's dialogue sprite.
  • The condos Jacket raids in Neighbors have several computers and Buddhist animatronics, similar to the Technician's restaurant in Safehouse. It could be his former address. Deadline is also crammed with computers.

Gallery Edit

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