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Animal depicted Tiger
Mask effect Fists of Fury
Location Achieve a high score in No Talk

The Tony mask obtainable in Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2. Tony may be obtained by achieving a high score in the No Talk chapter of Hotline Miami.


In Hotline Miami, Tony gives Jacket "Fists of Fury". This means faster executions and killing blows from fists, which can also kill dogs.

In Hotline Miami 2, the Tony mask returns but is limited to use by one of the Fans. It has a torn and bloody look, apparently found by the Fan who wears after it was left behind by Jacket. The effect of the mask is the same as in Hotline Miami, but comes with a penalty of no weapon pickups during the level it's used in.


  • This mask is likely a reference to Tony the Tiger, the mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.
  • The Tony mask makes its return in Hotline Miami 2, worn by Tony (one of The Fans), who apparently found it left behind by Jacket. It appears very damaged, torn and bloody.
  • In the chapter Tension, an individual in the bomb room is seen wearing this mask, suggesting he was another operator who failed his mission.
  • Both Tony and his Bloodied form appear as masks in the game PAYDAY 2, one of the masks being Hotline Miami ownership exclusive, and the other being a Hotline Miami 2 bonus.


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