The Toothbrush is a weapon only found in Release where it is used by prisoners. It is a shiv fashioned out of a toothbrush. The Toothbrush is a single use weapon, since it will get stuck in the enemy that it is used on.

Statistics Edit

The Toothbrush is a very unique weapon as it is single use, as it will get stuck in an enemy if it hits. The Toothbrush, unlike the Shard Blade, will not break if thrown, making it the superior throwing weapon, on the other hand it still will not kill enemies when thrown.

Trivia Edit

  • The toothbrush in game is a shiv, also known as a a shank, which is an improvised bladed or spiked weapon made out of everyday objects.
  • Toothbrush shanks can be made in several ways in real life, one way is to attach a sharp blade (usually a razor blade) or spike to the bottom of the toothbrush, another is to sharpen the plastic tip by grinding it against a rough, hard material, such as slate, it is also possible to use a lighter to melt plastic off the tip to create a sharp point.
  • There is an unused animation when Richter is killed with a toothbrush, it resembles the same animation used for the guards and prisoners when they are stabbed with a toothbrush.

Bugs Edit

Sometimes, when Richter kills a prisoner with the Toothbrush while being dressed as a guard, his clothes change to the prison outfit until the player presses right mouse button.

Gallery Edit

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