As wikia have decided to implement the new (and downgraded) top bar for every wiki, it has affected the appearance of the wiki significantly. Although the old top bar was glitched due to the image that was used as its background being deleted, the new top bar is somewhat of an eyesore with its flat, bright cyan colour with black text.

Ideally, we need an image in for the top bar as the background that would be less painful to look at, while still retaining the general colour scheme of this wiki.

As I am not good at creating background images, someone else will have to do this. If you are competent at creating background images and you are reading this, then create one for the top bar background and submit it to this wiki as an image (not any other wiki in case it gets deleted, as if it does the image gets deleted with it, this is what happened to the old top bar background), so it can be used as the top bar background.

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