Hello to anyone reading this. For the past couple of days I've been poking around this wiki making a basic assessment on the level of work it needs to be a functioning resource for the game. Here's a rundown of priorities:

  • Better/Informative Images.
  • More informative articles in general.
  • Revamped templates
  • Revamped skin. (I've already started developing a skin on one of my Sandbox wiki's, But keep in mind that it is not finished)
  • Site-name changed to (we'll redirect the current one)

This is a rather big task to take on, and with no administration/people-with-user-rights, I think its best that I formally adopt the wiki. If anyone reading this interested in obtaining admin rights to help the wiki please reply below. Other than that, if any members of the community have any qualms or questions feel free to leave a response too.

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