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    Mask Images

    March 24, 2015 by The Hawkx

    Working on adding images of the masks rotating on the select screen. For reasons. Right now it's a slow, uploading downloaded image process, but I might upload them and link them. Either way, please enjoy. Right now they're being uploaded under the "Fair use" law of the US. I'm a bit fuzzy on licsencing so give me a moment here.

    Masks Uploaded:

    • Dennis has been uploaded and used on his page
    • Brandon has been uploaded
    • Aubrey has been uploaded
    • Took a while but I finally put Richter in on his page.
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  • The Hawkx

    So, hey, hello, how you doing? Anyways, just prefacing this with saying that I've been editing the Wikia for a while now, but only just made an actual account for it. (Reasons being recording edits.) Anyways, I'm kind of bothered by a few things, like the fact that a good amount of articles seemed to be biased by an opinion or self thought theory in regards to the storyline. Also, it just really, really, really bothers me that the front page doesn't have a space between the "Miami" and "2", and the colon and "Wrong Number". And the fact that it still says that it WILL be released. (It was released March 10th, 2015). Really, I was just awfully bothered by this. Just wanted to say it.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, the only thing that shows up for …

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