The VIP Guard, also known as the Doorman, is a minor character and an antagonist in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. He is a mobster working for the Russian Mafia, predominantly seen around fellow colleague Petrov. He only appears twice in the whole game, first at the very beginning of First Trial and later in one of the two outros of Withdrawal.

Both the VIP Guard and Petrov serve as minor antagonists towards Jake and Evan Wright.


He is shown to predominantly seen to be associated as a bouncer, bodyguard or henchman working for senior Russian Mafia member Petrov. He attends the interrogation and murder of Jake on June 3rd, 1989.

In First Trial, the VIP Guard is shown working as a bouncer for Petrov's casino and bath house, and refuses to let Evan Wright in after he requests to see Petrov for information for his book. Evan then accidentally kills the VIP Guard by beating him to death in an attempt to enter the building, to which he frantically attempts to revive him via CPR.

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Trivia Edit

  • The VIP Guard's dialogue sprite is essentially a recycled and colour swapped version of The Henchman's dialogue sprite, the differences being a lighter skin tone, his green chin puff and thicker brow ridge.
  • The VIP Guard in-game looks exactly like any other Russian mobster enemy or NPC in the game.

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