Weapon Spawns are set locations within the chapters where weapons consistently appear.  In Hotline Miami the weapons at these points are randomized upon each spawn. All weapons having a chance to spawn except:

The crowbar and trophy spawn specifically in certain places, as is true for the fire axe and the golf club; the crowbar is only found on Full House (in the first room of the first floor after entering the foyer) and the trophy is only found on Showdown (on the second floor, and is necessary in order to kill The Bodyguard). The fire axe has a consistent spawn on Clean Hit (can be found by interacting with the pinkish-red emergency cabinet on the second floor) and the golf club one on Neighbors (will spawn in the golf bag during the fight with Biker), but both can be found at any random weapon spawn once they're unlocked. The baton appears only in Assault, wielded by the police (it should be noted that Dennis, who typically spawns with a knife, spawns with a baton instead in Assault). The Silenced Uzi and Drill appear only through selecting Richter's and Carl's masks, respectively. In Hotline Miami, the Charlie and Aubrey mask abilities are dedicated to adjusting the likelihood of melee weapons or firearms (respectively) appearing at these spawns.

In Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, weapon spawns are ubiquitously consistent due to weapon spawns being dictated by separate weapon objects for each weapon rather than a single weapon class controlling every single weapon (for example, the first floor of Hard News will always spawn a glass bottle for Jake if played on normal difficulty). In the Level Editor, unrandomized weapon spawns are the only option available (this might be subject to change). The Aubrey Mask now instead spawns the player with a Double Barrel as its perk, and the Charlie Mask no longer has a perk.